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[2006-04-28] Blogging Connections: Real Life Meetings
Blogs are connection and relationship builders. We are all aware of the blog potential for creating and nurtuting online relationships.

[2006-04-24] Social Media Drives Greater Employee Engagement
Here's a terrific case study from Swedish/US communication consultants and training firm Gronstedt Group on the role social media plays in helping the sales team at US educational publisher Prentice-Hall improve their sales performance.

[2006-04-20] More Subscription Choices
There's no doubt that subscribing to someone's blog or website via RSS in order to automatically receive their content each time their site is updated is a convenient way to stay on top of the latest information.

[2006-04-19] Stars Of Blogging Come Out At PubCon
Mike McDonald sat in on WebmasterWorld's Pubcon Boston morning session today, featuring a trio of bloggers well-known to our search marketing and optimization audience.

[2006-04-18] MySpace For The Office
Nice piece from BusinessWeek's Steve Rosenbush today: MySpace For The Office.

[2006-04-16] Software Testing and Talking
I've spent a bit of time this weekend with software and servers.

[2006-04-14] The Next Wave at Work
A report in the Financial Times on social media in the workplace highlights some terrific examples from companies who talk about the benefits to be gained from deploying blogs, wikis and RSS.

[2006-04-14] Companies Blocking Employees from Reading RSS
I dream of a world without prejudice. Wars will be a distant memory. No child will go to bed hungry. A organizations will trust their employees enough to let them subscribe to RSS feeds.

[2006-04-13] Employee Performance Reviews Dealing With Disagreements
What do you do when an employee disagrees with something you've written on their performance review? How can you prepare for this and deal with it effectively?

[2006-04-08] The Real Value of Communication
Headline findings from the 2005/2006 Communication ROI Study from employee benefits and HR consulting firm WatsonWyatt:

[2006-04-05] Reaching Decision Makers
To develop an effective lead generation program, you need a process that identifies decision makers along with their sphere of influence before you can initiate a productive conversation.

[2006-04-02] A Place to Get a Look at Office 2007
I've been getting more and more email lately asking to have a look at Office 2007.

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